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it's easy and secure to sell your gold to us

Selling your gold and other scrap metal couldn’t be easier than with Gold Buyers. We have developed a mail-in system that has worked for thousands of customers in the past. Everyone says the same thing. It’s easy and fast.

It’s a fast, four-step process with no surprises. You sort and weigh your metals, fill out our online claim form, mail your gold or other metals, and then receive payment.

Let us break down the steps for you…

Step 1: Sort and Weigh Your Metals

You will need to sort out the metal that you have. We accept gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Sort by purity, such as 18 karat gold being separated from 24 karat gold. Then, weigh the metal so that we can provide you with an instant valuation. Our claim form will tell you what we can offer you for all of the metal that you have.
Step 2: Sell to Us

You will want to sell to the highest bidder, which is us at Gold Buyers. There are too many scrap gold buyers that don’t offer competitive pricing because they’re too busy paying out money for storage space and retail space. We will give you the best possible pricing that we can. Once you complete the claim form online, you can find out what our offer is for the metal you possess.

Step 3: Mail in the Metal

After you have received our valuation and you’re happy with the offer, pack all of the scrap gold and other metal into a mailer. You can use one of our mailers or mail it on your own. We will provide you with a mailing label that has a special code on it so that we can properly track it. We have CCTV surveillance in place, so all packages are opened on video. This is for your security and ours.

we offer very competitive prices

Step 4: Receive Payment

After we process your claim by weighing the metal and checking the purity levels, we will issue your payment. At Gold Buyers, our goal is to make it convenient for you to receive your funds. You can choose a method of payment that works for you, ranging from bank transfer to a check being mailed to you. The payment is sent out within 24 hours of us receiving your metal, Monday through Friday.

We are here to answer any questions that you might have about our process. At Gold Buyers, we are fully transparent. Not only do we have CCTV surveillance in place but also expert staff who have a combined experience level of over 50 years.

Send us an email or call us Monday through Friday to ask questions.

When you’re ready to sell your scrap metal to us, all you have to do is go to our online claim form. The steps are easy to follow and you can have money in your hand within 24 hours of us receiving your package of scrap metal.

Precious metal prices change daily so the best prices could be right now!